Public transit and crypto?

Is it possible for a cryptocurrency exchange to offer services similar to UniTiAg? Consider the following factors.

Right to ride is an asset

Cryptocurrency fare tokens could serve as an effective hedge against inflation. For instance, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) in Toronto, Canada, once issued a one-ride token, Today, a single TTC fare costs CAD 3.35. However, back in 1954, the same fare was just 15 cents

Customer Base

Like any two-sided marketplace, a cryptocurrency exchange could leverage the UniTiAg service to attract more crypto holders who are regular or occasional transit patrons.

Public funding of public service

Certain municipalities are considering the use of cryptocurrencies to fund public services, including public transit. Is this a viable idea? The jury is still out. However, your cryptocurrency exchange could potentially play a key role in making it a successful venture.